About Us

Phoenix Foundation Systems, LLC delivers sustainable flood risk management solutions. We develop integrated approaches to reduce the potential for total loss of property due to storm surges and the effects of catastrophic weather events. Our approach saves property and lives, thereby minimizing their damaging effects.

aboutWe work with our clients to:

  • Evaluate the needs of areas at risk and deliver sustainable solutions.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance of the system in place.
  • Develop sustainable spatial planning and flood prevention strategies
  • Develop preparedness and emergency response action plans
  • Protect assets and ensure resilience under multiple climate change scenarios thus enhancing future economic development initiatives.


Mission Statement

Phoenix Foundation Systems is dedicated to identifying the needs of various industries by being solution oriented. We solve not only the immediate need, but provide long term platform solutions that enable industries to adapt through flexibility and options for an ever changing environment. Our innovative ideas are not just on paper, but are applied to everyday living.